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Are you ready to help improve Ottgaz? We need everyone's knowledge.

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A login is necessary to contribute to the site. Sign up with your real name and some details. Edit your user page so other users know who you are.

Tidy up

You are probably here because you know a great deal about a small part of the Ottoman past. Visit the pages of places you know well, and scrutinize details. Probably you will see some things right away that need editing. Go ahead--but remember:

  • it's better to add than to delete. There is a lot of conflicting information in the historical record. One of the virtues of Wikibase is that it can tolerate conflicting information.
  • use the discussion pages. This is a great spot to iron out details. Remember to sign your posts.
  • cite your sources. Every statement you add should have a reference.

What fits?

  • any place in the Ottoman hierarchy for which you can supply an attestation (reference)
  • labels and aliases in any language
  • information that contradicts what's already on the page
  • links to other data sets
  • placenames without geolocation

What doesn't fit?

  • orphan places, which you cannot situate vis-a-vis other regions
  • information without attestation or reference

Take your time

The Semantic Web data format that Ottgaz uses may be unfamiliar to you. Take your time to learn about it before you make any big changes. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Explore Wikidata in order to discover common practices.

Be especially cautious about introducing new properties and classes in Ottgaz--if you're not an experienced user of graph data models, you will want to consult other users before making structural changes.