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This page will collect questions and answers. Add your questions to the talk page.


How do I view other languages?

Ottgaz is multilingual, but your initial view will be in only one language. To set up multilingual default, you must change the site language temporarily to every language you wish to use. To do this, click on the language name beside login at the top of your screen. Enter a language that you wish to view. You will see that the whole site changes to that language. Now return to your prefered site language. You will see that labels now appear in both languages by default.

Unfortunately, Ottoman Turkish (OTA) is not available as a site language. To view Ottoman labels, you may have to click "All entered languages" below the labels list.


What sources are used in references?

Here's a list of all sources. If you want to add a new source, make it an instance of Item:Q510.

Data Model

How can I learn more about the data model that Ottgaz uses?

Here's a separate page describing the logic structuring this dataset.


What properties are available for me to use?

Here's a list of all properties.


Unresolved issues

Here's some problems awaiting solutions.